ACOOY GLOBAL LTD Suite A77 Niger 1 Plaza (BBA) Trade Fair Complex, Badagry Expressway Lagos
Posted on May 31, 2018 / 310


ACOOY GLOBAL LTD is an export oriented company. Our main products are sesame seed, soybean, cashew nuts and shear nuts. Our Sesame seeds are naturally grown, producing white and light brown seeds that are high in oil content. We supply 99% cleaned natural sesame seeds.


NAR Analysis: Inadequate data available on this company, for in-depth analysis.

Investment-Type : Existing Business
Value-Chain : Sesame
Agribusiness-Location : Lagos
Company Registration ID : N/A
Investment Value ($) : N/A
Size of Investment(s) : N/A
Annual Turnover : N/A
Key Competitors : N/A
Key Partners : N/A
Stage of Investment : N/A
Number of Smallholder Farmers Engaged : N/A
Product for Foreign & Domestic Use : N/A
Barriers to Investment(s) : N/A
Name of Owner(s) : N/A

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