How To Use The Register

The Register captures existing and intended investments whose value exceeds US$ 1,000,000 and above across Nigeria from priority value chains and supply chains.

The Supply Chain menu captures six types of operations within the agribusiness supply chain: from agro-inputs to cultivation to processing and finally manufacturing.

The Value Chains captured represents 15 priority value chains of the Government of Nigeria and includes rice, wheat, maize, oil palm gum Arabic, etc. Investment intentions and announcements made by investors are captured and tracked through the Investment intentions menu. With this broad coverage, statistical data for estimating and valuing investments (including intentions) and also analyzing the potential impacts of those investments can be made and periodic reports produced. Geographically, how
agribusiness investments ranks at the states level is monitored from the States menu.

Registered visitors to the website can follow the trend of investments from the Trend Tracker menu which provides periodic trend analysis. Past and current value chain study reports on different subjects on agribusiness are available on the Knowledge Center menu and there are free downloads.


An investment in this Register is defined and classified by the Standard Industrial Classification. Each unit of investment is defined as an Establishment. Establishment is defined as a legal unit or part of a legal unit that is situated in a single location that engages in one, or predominantly
one kind of economic activity at a single physical location – for example, a farm, or a processing mill.